About Us

Proudly located in Dayton, Ohio

Historically, Ohio was a leader in manufacturing until  companies started expanding internationally. Today, the state has a strong presence of Additive Manufacturing companies that we are proud to be a part of.

Among others, we share proximity to: IC3D, Keene Village Plastics, GE Additive, Cincinnati Inc., MakerGear, Fabrisonic, and America Makes.

Adam Fasnacht


Hey, I’m Adam. I started Powerbelt3D because I believe 3D printers need to be automated to reach their full potential.

I got my first 3D printer kit in college, and started selling printed parts out of my apartment. I never made a ton of money doing it, but pretty quickly my whole day (and night) started to revolve around babysitting the 3D printer.

I imagine that if affordable automated 3D printers become widespread the world will be a better place. People will be able to pursue and grow their ideas faster than ever before.

I’m a mechanical engineer, and have been working with 3D printers from under $200 to over $200,000 for over 8 years. 

I like hiking if the trail is relatively short and trying different craft beers.

I host the 3D Print Authority Podcast to help people understand the world of 3D printing in a transparent, no-BS way.

Mia Fasnacht

Director of Quality Apurrance

Hi, I am Mia. When I am not taking naps, I like to stress test bolts, screws, and spacers. I steal them from Adam when he is sorting parts or building prints and bat them around the floor. No out-of-spec spacer will escape my thorough testing methods.

If you don’t really like cats it’s okay. I probably wouldn’t like you.

Eric Fasnacht

Marketing & Sales Advisor

Hey, I’m Eric and I run Pathfinder Marketing – a group dedicated to transforming the way remodeling companies land jobs. So many contractors rely solely on word-of-mouth to grow their business and are missing out on the opportunity to use Facebook ads to get more jobs.

Adam and I chat sales and marketing on a regular basis, and both learn from the conversation despite running very different companies. I love sparkling water.

Power to the Makers

We want to make the world a better place through technology. We believe that by empowering at-home innovators with great technology at an affordable price, we can help accelerate world-changing ideas.

The innovations that end up changing the world rarely start in a huge corporation. They start in a garage with an idea and a dream, and come to life with a lot of hard work and late nights.

We want to empower you to bring ideas to life.

Our conveyor belt 3D printers are fully automated, so you don’t need to wake up in the middle of the night to keep a project moving.

We print at an angle, so part size can literally move “outside the box”.

Let’s make great things together, and make the world a better place.

We're on Hiatus! No orders will be accepted through the new year. Wishing you all some rest and we're excited to launch some new projects in 2024.