About Us

Proudly located in Dayton, Ohio

Historically, Ohio was a leader in manufacturing until  companies started expanding internationally. Today, the state has a strong presence of Additive Manufacturing companies that we are proud to be a part of.

Among others, we share proximity to: IC3D, Keene Village Plastics, GE Additive, Cincinnati Inc., MakerGear, Fabrisonic, and America Makes.

Adam Fasnacht


Hey, I’m Adam. I started Powerbelt3D because I believe 3D printers need to be automated to reach their full potential.

I got my first 3D printer kit in college, and started selling printed parts out of my apartment. I never made a ton of money doing it, but pretty quickly my whole day (and night) started to revolve around babysitting the 3D printer.

I imagine that if affordable automated 3D printers become widespread the world will be a better place. People will be able to pursue and grow their ideas faster than ever before.

I’m a mechanical engineer, and have been working with 3D printers from under $200 to over $200,000 for over 8 years. 

I like hiking if the trail is relatively short and trying different craft beers.

I host the 3D Print Authority Podcast to help people understand the world of 3D printing in a transparent, no-BS way.

Mia Fasnacht

Director of Quality Apurrance

Hi, I am Mia. When I am not taking naps, I like to stress test bolts, screws, and spacers. I steal them from Adam when he is sorting parts or building prints and bat them around the floor. No out-of-spec spacer will escape my thorough testing methods.

If you don’t really like cats it’s okay. I probably wouldn’t like you.

Eric Fasnacht

Marketing & Sales Advisor

Hey, I’m Eric and I run Pathfinder Marketing – a group dedicated to transforming the way remodeling companies land jobs. So many contractors rely solely on word-of-mouth to grow their business and are missing out on the opportunity to use Facebook ads to get more jobs.

Adam and I chat sales and marketing on a regular basis, and both learn from the conversation despite running very different companies. I love sparkling water.