Pre-Order Campaign Update #1

It has been five whole weeks since we opened up pre-orders! It has been very exciting to receive so much enthusiasm for our first product, and watching pre-order purchases trickle in. Since the start of the campaign, we have received 17 pre-orders.

In fact, it seems we were a little over-ambitious for our first product launch. Initially, we structured the campaign to fulfill a maximum of 500 units, with different pricing tiers. As our development printer get closer and closer to a ready-to-ship product, we have learned a lot, and decided to make some big changes to the campaign structure.

Only 30 units(not 50) will be available for $399

Simply put, we have underestimated our unit cost. For the pre-order kits, we would like to convert a lot of existing 3D printed components to sheet metal. This increases the unit cost from our initial estimates. However, we still want to honor the promise of offering kits at $399.

100 Units Maximum(not 500)

We were hoping for a larger volume of pre-orders, and set an ambitious goal for a company that is just starting out. We have decided to re-set our goals, and focus solely on delivering 100 units to our early supporters as quickly as possible.

Expected Retail Price: $599

As we mentioned earlier, we underestimated our unit cost. Because of this, our expected retail price after the pre-order campaign closes will be $699. In addition, there are not only two pre-order tiers. The first 30 units will be $399, and units 31-100 will be $449.

Pre-Order campaign will close December 9

While we initially thought we would leave the pre-order campaign open through the end of 2019, we’ve decided to close it earlier. Our goal is to place orders for production parts before the end of the year, so that we can assemble kits and have them ready for shipping starting in February 2020.

All of these changes have been updated on our Shop page. Thank you all for your support as we strive to empower makers, innovators, and hobbyists all over the world. Happy Printing!