Pre-Order Update #4 – Slow and Steady Progress

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy! We have kept busy organizing our humble office, and coordinating with suppliers. Recently, our full order of aluminum v-slot profiles as arrived and been inspected. We have continued researching the best material for the conveyor belt, and have reached 17 different material combinations.

One full set of aluminum extrusions.

While we were hoping to be shipping kits by now, but have run into a few obstacles:

Our sheet metal supplier discovered an issue with the components that we ordered, before shipping to us. They are fixing the issue now, and we are hopeful that we will have those parts in-hand in a few weeks.

We had placed a large order for screws and t-slot nuts, but when it arrived, the majority of what we ordered was not in the package. We have placed new orders with new suppliers, and paid for expedited shipping to try to move as quickly as possible.

Because of COVID-19, suppliers are now requiring twice as long to ship components to us. Many are operating with limited staff, and We have evaluated a number of USA-based suppliers, but the pricing we have been far greater than expedited orders from the far east. We are happy to pay the extra fees to deliver Powerbelt Zero’s as quickly as we can.

We had much more ambitious delivery goals. Due to the uncertainty the world is experiencing, we think it is best to retreat to our original promised delivery target of July 31. We can hope for better, but aren’t comfortable promising better at this time.

We are remaining optimistic, and dedicated to bringing this idea to life! We have added a contact form to our home page, if you would like to get in touch.