Formula32 Conveyor Belt for Tinybelt Beta


The Formula32 conveyor belt was created after 28 months of trial and error to create an affordable, durable conveyor belt for 3D printers. Please allow 2-5 business days to create the belt before shipping. Shipping is free in the United States!

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The Formula32 conveyor belt is durable, flexible, and designed specifically for the Powerbelt3D Zero. It uses a Polyester (PET) tape top-layer that works very well with a variety of 3D printing materials.

For PLA, we recommend a bed temperature of 65-75C. For PETG and TPU, we recommend a bed temperature of 75-85C.

For some brands of material, you may need to apply a thin layer of glue stick to the conveyor belt. When printing PLA, this helps the prints stick to the conveyor belt. When printing PETG, it acts as a release agent to prevent PETG sticking too much to the conveyor belt, and causing the top PET layer to tear.

The conveyor belt should be installed so that the smoothest, green-tinted side will be printed on.

Dimensions: 295x770x0.5mm
Dimensions are approximate and may differ slightly between conveyor belts due to being made by hand with love.