Powerbelt3D Zero Conveyor Belt 3D Printer Kit


The world’s most affordable conveyor belt 3D printer allows innovators, makers, and hobbyists everywhere to start 3D printing like never before. We aim to empower people with a 3D printer that is easy to build, reliable, hackable, and upgradeable.

**For reasons both technical and business-related, the Zero has been discontinued as of June 2021.

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The Powerbelt3D Zero is the world’s most affordable conveyor belt 3D printer. 3D printing on a conveyor belt enables two big advantages over more traditional FDM/FFF 3D printers.

infinite 3d printing
Infinite 3D printing – print objects infinitely long, even larger than the printer itself!
automatic 3d print removal
Automatic 3D Print Removal – print one model after another with no down time. No need to have the printer sitting idle waiting for a build plate to be cleared.

Highlighted Features

The Powerbelt3D Zero has been designed to use a minimum variety of parts, making assembly fast and fun. Here are its key features:

  • Build volume (mm): 200 x 150 x infinity
  • System footprint (in): 20x26x13.5 (LWH)
  • Core-XY Motion System
    • This system allows both the X and Y axis motors to work together for every movement. The result is rapid movement capabilities, precise positioning, and no skipped steps.
  • Direct Drive Extruder
    • Many budget-friendly 3D printers will use a remote extruder and push filament through a PTFE tube. This keeps the hotend light, but makes for less reliable and precise filament extrusion. Our direct drive system means you can print in more materials, especially flexible filaments like TPU/TPE.
  • Control Board: MKS Base
    • We chose a commonly available, yet high quality control board. We made sure to choose one with removable motor drivers, so that you can upgrade and modify the printer to your heart’s content. If a motor driver burns out, it won’t make the entire board unusable.
  • Motor Drivers: DRV8825
    • DRV8825 motor drivers were chosen for the right balance of cost and capability. They have great micro-stepping capability, and are quieter than cheap A4988 motor drivers commonly used in budget-friendly 3D printers.
  • All-metal hotend up to 260°C
    • The materials you can print are directly tied to the temperatures the hardware can reach. Our hotend is built to be able to handle all common 3D printing materials.
  • Heated bed up to 120°C
    • We selected a silicone heater that heats up quickly, and can get hot enough to print engineering-grade plastics like ABS, Nylon, or Polycarbonate.
  • Fiberglass-reinforced GT2 Belts will hold up over time


This 3D printer is compatible with any 1.75mm filament such as PLA, ABS, TPU, or PETG. Any material can be printed successfully with the proper print profile.


We’re on a mission to empower people with technology. We can’t do that without standing by our products. We do not believe that serving you requires a 35-page warranty agreement.

Instead, we offer what we call a Good Faith Warranty. If anything arrives non-functional, or breaks within 90 days of receiving your products, we will replace those components free of charge.

Please Note:

Some small components may vary between units. These component changes will not affect the functionality of the printer or the quality of the prints.

International customers are responsible for any customs charges.