Tinybelt Beta


Be a part of the Tinybelt development!

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The Tinybelt is the next chapter in the Powerbelt3D story. It’s designed to leverage standard 3D printer components. One day we hope it can be an open-source, hackable, industry-disrupting machine.

• Build volume (approximate): 250x200x∞ mm
• 32-bit control board
• Silent stepper drivers
• Touch screen
• Bowden dual-gear extruder
• Heated bed (120C)
• Formula32 Conveyor Belt (works with PETG, PLA, ABS, and more)

Beta timeline estimates:

• 07/23/21 – All quotes from suppliers received
• 07/30/21 – All Beta payments received
• 08/05/21 – All orders placed for beta components
• 08/26/21 – All orders for beta components received
• 09/09/21 – Assembly and first tests of beta Tinybelt by Powerbelt3D
• 09/17/21 – First beta Tinybelt kits ship
• 10/22/21 – All beta Tinybelt kits have shipped
• Early November – Kickstarter campaign begins


"I'm happy to pay $299 for a beta unit", "I'm not paying for a beta unit"