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Powerbelt3D Pre-order Update #6

With the month of August nearly over, we have had a very fun but busy month. We have started shipping kits all over the world. We have started receiving feedback from out earliest supporters which has been very rewarding. There have been many ups and downs, which we will cover here.

Shipping Status

As of today, units 1-16 have shipped. We experienced one international shipping error which we are actively working to resolve. Some missing parts were reported in the very first units that were shipped, and we have sent those parts to everyone who contacted us. We have uploaded packing lists for the sub-assemblies that reported missing parts to our exclusive users’ group on Facebook, so that anyone who received a kit can check to make sure they have all the necessary components.

We have enough supplies today to ship another 3 kits during the coming week. In addition, we will be inspecting every sub-assembly that has already been packed to make sure it has the correct pieces.

We have the capacity to ship 5-10 kits each week. We expect to ship units according to the following schedule:

  • Units 1-16: shipped
  • Units 16-19: expected to ship 8/30-9/5
  • Units 19-29: expected to ship 9/6-9/16
  • Units 29-40: expected to ship 9/17-9/28

Supplier Challenges

While packing up the first units, we discovered a few issues. First, we found surface quality issues with some sheet metal components, and the v-slot aluminum profiles. These components are not up to the standard we’d like to deliver. We placed new orders for low volumes of replacement parts, and are happy to say that they have already arrived.

Second, we discovered a shortage of hardware. In an effort to run lean, our initial hardware order or screws, nuts, washers, etc. was ordered a bit too conservative. As our bill of materials evolved slightly during development, we found that we needed more hardware. We have placed a new order for hardware, paid for expedited shipping, and expect it to arrive this coming week.

Third, the motion belts that were originally cut for the kits were measured incorrectly. Again, we placed an order for more GT2 motion belts with expedited shipping, and expect them to arrive during the upcoming week.

Closing thoughts

We firmly believe in transparency, which is why we are happy to share our wins and struggles with you. The delays and supplier challenges have been very frustrating for us because they hinder our ability to empower you with a great 3D printer.

On a positive note, our challenges can be seen as growing pains. So many great things have been created in garages and basements, and we aim to be one of them. We look forward to the day when we might have a nine-story building, and can empower hundreds of thousands of innovators across the globe. Until then, we appreciate your patience and support.